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Welcome to our Event design Studio!

At Apples and Mints, we pour our enthusiasm and creativity into thinking up inspiring and unique ideas, that turn events into once in a lifetime celebrations.
Whether we are assigned a small party or a big scale social event, every event we plan is incomparable and totally bespoke!
We always attend the event we organize, in order to ensure its smooth flow, controlling every factor and settling down anything unexpectedly occurred.
We take care of every detail and we are here to ensure a stress-free planning process, so you can relax as your perfect party takes shape.
We will be with you from the start to the end, discreetly working behind the scenes, in order to ensure a seamless flow of events – leaving you free to enjoy every moment!


We wish you all the happiness in your new start! The right time has arrived, when you and your beloved person, finally decided to get married!


Congratulations on this special day! A new member has arrived to your family and is here to stay, filling your life with joy and happiness!

Special Event

We, the Apples and Mints team, design exclusive events, ranging from opulent parties, extraordinary destination marriage proposals, to large scale events such as openings, galas etc.

Exclusive Services

Are you ready to get indulged? We arrange for you the most premium services, to lift off your desires!

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  • Winter Inspirational Shoot in the Woods!

    Δεν έχουμε καλύτερο… Χειμώνας στο βουνό! …Ή έστω μια εποχή που θυμίζει χειμώνα αλλά στην υπέροχη χώρα μας επιμένει σε λιακάδες με κρύο, άντε και σε επίμονες βροχές και λίγο χιονάκι για τους τυχερούς του...
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  • A unique post-Wedding shooting

    What could turn a Japanese inspired Bride into a 50’s movie star and at the same time a fairy living in the woods…? Take a look… In this shooting, the talented mr. Yorgos Fasoulis – from now...
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  • Japanese Themed Wedding

    “Hey I heard you like the wild ones…!” Ένα υπέροχο ζευγάρι με την «αγριάδα» των guns n’ roses και την κομψότητα δυο κύκνων! Με μεγάλη χαρά υποδεχθήκαμε την υπέροχη ενέργεια αυτού του ζευγαριού και μαζί τους...
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  • Lakeside Picnic themed Photoshooting

    Μετά απο αρκετές μέρες με μπόρες και ήλιο, ο καιρός μας αντάμειψε με μια υπέροχη λιακάδα και με μια λίμνη ονειρικά λουσμένη στο φώς, έτοιμη να υποδεχθεί το -βγαλμένο απο νουβέλα- σκηνικό που θα δημιουργούσαμε! Η...
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  • “Naked” Wedding Cake!

    Η νέα τάση της μόδας είναι εδώ! Σας το προτείνουμε και περιμένουμε να το τολμήσετε στους γάμους (…& τις βαπτίσεις και τα πάρτυ!) του καλοκαιριού! Είναι η νέα μας αγάπη και σας το παρουσιάζουμε πρώτοι! Είναι η...
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  • First dance!

    Shall we…? Do you remember when we were students, our first parties, when the blues were the highlight of the evening and we were dancing with our arms outstretched, as if we were lining up for the gym teacher? The...
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  • Paris Inspired Wedding

    A wedding that left a memory of fine Parisian atmosphere and the song “La vie en rose” keep lingering in mind! The couple took its time during the wedding preparations and we took care of everything, in order to be...
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  • Welcome

    First blog post! This is our first time! Welcome and great to have you here! Here we will post news, topics, concerns, whatever intrigues us and we think could be useful to you. Here you may find our suggestions and...
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