Thanasis Marinopoulos

Born and raised in ThessaLoniki, had to travel far from home to find what he wants to do, leaving behind all his family and best friends who knew before him that he would end up somewhere else in the world!
So he started his adventure at a young age, visiting his dad in Middle East and later around Greece, along the way he found that he likes to draw…. A lot! So when it was about time, he went to the UK to study how to draw buildings…! When he eventually finished with his studies,  he ended up where he started his adventure… in Middle East!
There, among the Arabian beauties, was a Queen from Athens! He had never seen an Athenian Queen before, or at least one who said she was one! And as a smart Salonikios, he took extra care, befriending the Queen! He was watching other princes trying to win her heart, but always with no luck…! No, he didn’t cheat… they were just not good enough for her!!!!

The end!!!

PS: By the time he listened her voice, he realized that he just couldn’t live without her, so he made her a real Queen….! Maybe one day he will build her also a castle, but until then… serviced apartments will do!

Angeliki Tompea

Once upon a time there was a little princess who realized that Greece was a small place to rule and decided to conquer Middle East!

First stop Doha.
One night she and her friend picked up (Tiida rules) a handsome prince with her carriage, to go out with friends. The prince was charmed by her shoes collection lying at the back seats of the carriage and immediately fell in love with her!
The prince and the princess became very good friends but the prince had an evil plan in his mind and the innocent princess fell in his trap. He was killing one by one all the other princes of the country while spoiling the little princess day by day…! He was taking her to romantic boat trips, killing gigantic spiders at her palace, pampering her when she had nightmares.
Few years later, the prince, madly in love with the princess, tricked her to fall in love with him and proposed her to marry him! The princess, bewitched by his charm and his tricks accepted the proposal and now she is the QUEEN of his heart!!!
And this is the story!

Be careful of the prince who is still playing his evil games…! No matter what he tells you, always remember that this is the true story!

Ceremony Info

The ceremony will be at the chapel of Saint Andreas located by the sea at Nea Makri.
After the ceremony, party will follow at Sea Soul venue, by the chapel.


The ceremony and the party will Take place in Nea Makri, which is an area by the sea, approximately 30 minutes from the center of Athens .
There are several hotels that can accommodate you for your visit. We propose for you to spend the weekend there, this is what we will do after all. There, you can enjoy the beach and sun and the taverns serving local food and drinks.
This way we will all avoid driving back late at night, or better early in the morning, after the party!

We propose the following hotels at the area:

Mati Hotel
Cabo verde
Myrto Hotel


Click on the icon to view the road map.

When you contact the hotel for your reservation, through phone or email, please make sure you mention you are guests for our wedding.

If you prefer to stay in the centre of Athens , we would suggest you to stay near Plaka, Acropolis, Thisio or Syntagma district, where you can enjoy long walks at the historical and picturesque scenery, sightseeing and of course traditional food and drinks at the local restaurants!

In all cases please inform us if you will need any assistance during your stay.


Please confirm your presence and the exact number of attendees before the 10th of May 2014. Please, also mention if you plan to accompany any children younger than 4 years old.

For the RSVP you can contact us through email or telephone, as mentioned at your invitations and below:

+973 33874373 – Angeliki Tompea
+ 30 6936850764 – Mina Tompea
+ 30 6972409649 – Glykeria Marinopoulou

We love wedding gifts :)

Due to our nomadic way of life in Middle East, it would be difficult to move along with us and safe keep all your thoughtful gifts!

Monetary gifts can be accepted at the accounts mentioned below:

Alpha Bank (Greece): 174-002101-132950

HSBC Bahrain : IBAN BH37 BBME00002573582020

Honeymoon destination

Since this is our second wedding… you can take a picture from our first honeymoon in Maldives …!

Regarding our second honeymoon, we are still planning it…! We shall keep you posted…!!!

About our honeymoon

Any suggestions???

Send us your comments:

Feel free to send us notes and comments through our wedding site!!!

Thank you

We would love to see you all at our wedding in Greece!

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    Author: Karim Bouramia

    What a great story ! And the fairy-tale goes on !!!
    Missed the 1st one… not missing this one !!!

    Love you both !! :)

    Author: Angie

    Thank you for your nice emails and messages with your appreciation on the website . We are waiting for your comments at the website also :) and hope to see you all there !!! Get ready … It’s an open bar :p

    Author: Mama MIna

    Κοριτσάκι μου,
    μὲς στὸ βουβὸ πηγάδι τοῦ φεγγαριοῦ
    σοῦ ῾πέσε ἀπόψε τὸ πρῶτο δαχτυλίδι σου.

    Δὲν πειράζει.

    Ἀργότερα θὰ φτιάξεις ἄλλο
    νὰ παντρευτεῖς τὸν κόσμο μὲς στὸν ἥλιο.

    Γιατὶ δὲν εἶναι κοριτσάκι
    νὰ μάθεις μόνο ἐκεῖνο ποὺ εἶσαι,
    ἐκεῖνο ποὺ ἔχεις γίνει,
    εἶναι νὰ γίνεις
    ὅ,τι ζητάει
    ἡ εὐτυχία τοῦ κόσμου.

    Ἄλλη χαρὰ
    δὲν εἶναι πιὸ μεγάλη
    ἀπ᾿ τὴ χαρὰ ποὺ δίνεις
    Νὰ τὸ θυμᾶσαι κοριτσάκι.

    Κοριτσάκι μου,
    θέλω νὰ σοῦ φέρω
    τὰ φαναράκια τῶν κρίνων
    νὰ σοῦ φέγγουν τὸν ὕπνο σου.
    Θέλω νὰ σοῦ φέρω ἕνα περιβολάκι
    ζωγραφισμένο μὲ λουλουδόσκονη
    πάνω στὸ φτερὸ μιᾶς πεταλούδας
    νὰ σεργιανάει τὸ γαλανὸ ὄνειρό σου.

    Θέλω νὰ σοῦ φέρω
    ἕνα σταυρουλάκι αὐγινὸ φῶς
    δυὸ ἀχτίνες σταυρωτὲς ἀπὸ τοὺς στίχους μου
    νὰ σοῦ ξορκίζουν τὸ κακὸ
    νὰ σοῦ φωτᾶνε μὴ σκοντάψεις.

    Θανάση μου
    Μη μου παραπονιέσαι.
    Σου αφιερώνω το Δημοτικό Άσμα:
    “Χαρά στον Κύρη που’χει γιο
    Την μάνα θυγατέρα
    Κι είναι ο γαμπρός Αητός
    Κι η νύφη Περιστέρα”
    Όπως και το άλλο
    “ Γαμπρέ την νύφη να αγαπάς
    Να μην τηνε μαλώνεις
    Και να την καμαρώνεις“
    Αυτά με πολλή αγάπη
    Και όλες τις ευχές μου
    Να έχετε μια όμορφη και χαρούμενη ζωή
    Μαμά Μίνα

    Author: Maria Georgiadou

    So happy for both of you!!!
    see ya at your wedding!!!

    Author: Tom-Angie

    Dear guests ,

    Further info for our upcoming wedding …

    Everything is ready for the wedding and the party to follow !!!!!

    All the efforts is to make sure you will have a great time , the venue is by the sea and next to the chapel with a great view. There will be an open bar with drinks and cocktails . The food and cake is amazing , we unfortunately were not able to taste it but we sent a representing team of very picky on food tasting friends who loved them and our dj has promised a night to remember and dancing until early morning !

    We are very exited , even more exited that you will be with us !

    It might be interested for you to know that the wedding is Japanese themed ! And no you don’t have to be dressed as samurai and geisha :) There are a lot of items imported from China, Japan and Dubai for the decoration !
    The invitations were designed by us,we got a feedback from most of you that you liked it and we are really happy for that!

    Special thanks to our wedding planner Aliki – Apples & mints Event design studio , our friends our parents and our grandmother for their assistance ! It wouldn’t happen without them!

    Please inform us on your attendance and make sure you book your hotel as soon as possible. We will be staying at Cabo verde. Info of the hotels are mentioned above at the Accommodation section of the site . You can call them to book your room and inform them you are guests for our wedding.

    We shall be available for any information you need , since the 5th of June our Greek mobile numbers will be open Angie +30 6936850765 and Tom +30 6977866431. Do not hesitate to call us!

    We are waiting to see you all soon!

    Keep checking the website …more details to follow!

    Author: Ευαγγελία Κουλούρη

    Αγαπημένη μας Αλικούλα, σας ευχόμαστε μέσα από την καρδιά μας να ζήσετε χαρούμενοι και ευτυχισμένοι! Λυπόμαστε πολύ αλλά αυτή τη περίοδο είναι δύσκολο για μας να παρευρεθούμε, η Μαριλύτσα δίνει πανελλήνιες, η Χαρά δουλεύει στη ρεσεψιόν ξενοδοχείου, ο Νίκος τα γνωστά με τις πισίνες και εγώ με τα πολιτιστικά του Καλοκαιριού. Σήμερα συγκινήθηκα, γιατί πήγα στην τράπεζα να σου βάλω το δωράκι σου και όταν μου είπε ο υπάλληλος, βγαίνει Αγγελική Τομπέα βούρκωσα…
    Η σκέψη μας θα είναι κοντά σας στις χαρούμενες στιγμές σας, σε αγαπάμε πάρα…..πολύ!
    Φιλάκια και ευχές από όλους μας!
    Άντε βρε,να παίρνει σειρά και ο συμμαθητής σου, ο Ηλίας.

    Author: Angie


    Author: Η αδελφη του

    Πιτσουνακια μου, τρεις βδομαδουλες μεινανε κι αφου χασαμε τον πρωτο, θα το καψουμε στον δευτερο! Κι ανυπομονουμε να γνωρισουμε επιτελους και την υπολοιπη οικογενεια!!