Congratulations on this special day! A new member of your family has come to stay and fill your life with joy and happiness!
The little gentleman or little lady will make their presence felt on that special day, the day of their Christening, that symbolically defines a new beginning, but let’s not forget that from the child’s point of view, it actually is an excellent opportunity for a fantastic first party of many to come!
For the parents, this is one more challenging event (having planned your wedding is a serious previous experience!). We are here to lift the weight off your shoulders and leave to you only the pleasant part of the preparations, and the invaluable advantage of being there with full attention to your little angel! We take care of every tiny detail starting from conception and theme choice, all the way to completion of an unforgettable celebration!

The entire event will carry our signature and we reassure you that the only thing that may concern you at the end of the day will be an inner desire to repeat as soon as possible … with a new star holding the leading role!

What we offer:

Conception and choice of christening theme, overall event styling.
Creating, monitoring and updating the budget.
Research & selection of venue and church.
Selection of vendors & special suppliers.
Guest list, monitoring responses (RSVP)
Special stands with snacks and beverages, for young & grown ups.
Rental of special equipment (playground areas, tents, etc)
Providing facilitating services to guests coming from abroad (transportation, accomodation and more)
Continuous presence on the day of christening, supervision & onsite coordination.



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