First dance!

Posted by | Point of view | December 23, 2013

Shall we…?

Do you remember when we were students, our first parties, when the blues were the highlight of the evening and we were dancing with our arms outstretched, as if we were lining up for the gym teacher? The times when the hug was so loose that a third person could fit inside! Later, as we grew up and we became teenagers, our hugs became tighter and then we moved to the clubbing era; wild dances at nightclubs! I must notice that in the 10s (and by that I don’t mean the beginning of the previous century!) we don’t dance the way we used to! At nightclubs we are just standing still with a drink in our hand and are talking (God knows what about with such loud music playing!) by gazing at the people! And what about weddings? Well, this is a totally different situation! As if someone has put a spell on us, we become children again and we are dancing everything; 80’s music, mainstream, traditional folk dances, even the “Chicken Dance”! But my personal favorite is waltz! It travels you to another era, where the roles of men and women are of the essence once again! Regardless of the fact that a minute later I could be dancing “Rock n’ Roll Queen” in the middle of the dance floor with the same enthusiasm! I believe that, more or less, we are all the same; nostalgic and romantic, but at the same time modern and lively! And all this can be expressed through dancing!

So, what do you think on the first dance? Will it be blues? A Waltz? Latin? Argentine Tango? Hmm… there are so many options! And what about a flamenco for two?

I was recently invited and attended a wedding in Palaio Psyhiko. Both the groom and the bride were shining out of happiness and the wedding celebration seemed to be a great success from the very beginning. And what was that couple’s choice for their first dance? A traditional island dance! So, they stood up facing each other, both of them on the paved yard – dance floor and danced a wonderful and rather “manful” dance with arms wide open! It was as if a man was courting a woman by dancing! I was excited!

It’s wonderful when the couple is inventive, original and genuine! It’s nice to express ourselves through a dance, any dance at all, and choose it to be our first dance as a married couple! Only for the two of us, without leaving room for any embarrassment or stress!

And after that… Let the party begin!

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