Wedding Planning

Οργάνωση Γάμου


We wish you all the happiness in your new start! The right time has arrived, when you and your beloved person, finally decided to get married!
Even if you are filled with stress when you think of the upcoming event, you shall agree that the wedding day is undoubtfully the most beautiful moment of your life! No matter how open or small you choose your wedding to be, and whatever the style and character you wish to give, you should take under consideration that this is a very demanding project, with lots of confusing points, that can disorient you and unfortunately, put you under pressure. Our priority is that you enjoy your wedding, your party or reception and live the experience with all your senses!
So, in order to retain the romantic atmosphere of the marriage proposal and the happy days that followed, trust us, the team at Apples and Mints | Event Design Studio, with the entire planning and coordination of your wedding!
Through careful planning along with full respect to your needs and off-course your budget, we will propose the right elements that perfectly match the character you want to give to your marriage day, and turn it into an unforgettable celebration! You will be totally free to enjoy the beautiful part of the wedding preparations, to share your ideas with us and even sometimes, change your mind if you feel that you need so! You will just have to call us whenever you feel getting confused, in order to get our advice and ensure the care of every little detail.
Let yourselves experience your wedding with the assurance that someone is always there, taking care of everything, for you and your guests to have a wonderful, lifetime celebration!

The team at Apples and Mints, wishes you wholeheartedly, a life strewn with flowers!

Browse into our services and choose the one that best meets your needs! Please have in mind that we can always define the framework of our cooperation, perfectly tailored to your needs and desires! We’ll be happy to discuss with you and design for you a unique wedding… Your wedding!

  • Wedding Planning & Coordination


    Continuous contact, updating & guidance

    Support or/and guidance and consultation in order to decide the wedding theme and overall style

    Creating and monitoring of budget and the financial data

    Search for event venue and ceremony venue

    Market research for vendors & selection of the most suitable according to your needs, with respect to the financial scale defined by you, as well as the overall wedding styling

    Attending meetings, assisting (if required) with the negotiations of terms and conditions of each agreement

    Creating, updating, upkeeping time schedule, until the wedding day

    Creating a schedule & “Event Day Timeline” for the wedding day

    Guest list, monitoring responses (RSVP)

    Continuous presence at the venue throughout the wedding day, supervision & coordination

    Providing facilitating services to guests, arriving from abroad (transportation, accommodation and other services)

  • Wedding Day of Coordination


    Communication with all relevant vendors (client’s selection)

    Coordinating vendors

    Checking contracts & agreements

    Creating a schedule & “Event Day Timeline” for the wedding day

    Guest list, monitoring responses (RSVP)

    Continuous presence at the venue throughout the wedding day, supervision & coordination

    Providing facilitating services to guests, arriving from abroad (transportation, accommodation and other services)

    Integration of possible unexpected features

  • Destination Wedding – Wedding in Greece


    When someone is planning to get married in Greece, automatically agrees to give his wedding the freshness of the special aura, which, together with the blue sky, the sun and the sea, bless this place, for centuries on!
    The choice of destination will not be easy, as someone can get lost in the magic of the Cycladic landscape (Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Paros, Syros) and the natural beauty of the emerald colored sea of the Ionian Islands (Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos). The inland is ideal for lovers of history, with ancient monuments and the old districts of central Athens competing in beauty the fairytale castle-cities of the Peloponnese!
    It seems that you found the right place for your wedding and we are here to support your decision on choosing among the islands, a town or a village, that suits your desires! Together, we will design a unique wedding, an experience you will never forget!

    Please, call us or send your message to discuss and create together the best way to cooperate, according to your needs.

    What do we offer:


    Destination suggestions (Greek islands, mainland, historic cities, mountain villages etc)
    Wedding design.
    Unlimited consultation, e-mail correspondence (skype etc.)
    Legal arrangements (marriage license documentation etc.)
    Accommodation & Transportation arrangements for couple & guests.
    Budget control.
    Venue selection.
    Finding & Booking vendors (caterers, decorators, photographers and more)
    Music & sound arrangements.
    Special request (carriage, horse, donkey, kaiki boat, limousine, helicopter and more)
    On-site coordination & management.

  • Wedding Remote Assistance

    For all of the Citizens of Greek origin, living abroad, we believe that you would have an extra difficulty on your research for venue, vendors etc, if you decide to get married in Greece! This is the reason which led us to design a service, which could meet your needs and give you the extra help you need, on your wedding planning process!
    This is the idea: If your parents –let’s say- live in Greece, they probably are more than willing to help you, for example, by conducting a market research for you, from the wedding ceremony venue to the last tiny detail. However, have you thought of how difficult would it be for them to find the right vendors and moreover, decide for you?
    Well, in that point, we take the responsibility to make their life easier and your upcoming wedding, a perfect event!
    We have a broad network of partners, suppliers and vendors, and we are able to recommend to you exactly what you ‘re looking for, to plan appointments either for you -if you arrange a trip to Greece- or your parents (or the ones you choose) , saving you valuable time, money and energy!
    However, if you prefer the full assignment of your wedding to us, then please go to the WiG package, to have a picture of our full service proposition.
    You can always contact us, by filling out the contact form with any special request!



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